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 Origins of the Universe

The Big Bang Theory- Starting from nowhere! In the beginning you were nothing! Yes nothing.

According to this theory, the universe began from an explosion of a tiny point ( a singularity) about 14.5 Billion years ago. This created all matter, energy, planets, stars and galaxies.

Since the initial explosion, everything is still moving apart due to the energy of the explosion.


1. The Red Shift- Remember the colours of the rainbow/spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Edwin Hubble observed that distant stars emit light towards the red part of the spectrum compared to nearby ones. So as a star keeps moving on, the light it emits changes towards red. This is called the red shift.

2. The doppler effect- Similar to the Red Shift, the obervations are that as stars and planets move away, the wavelength of waves that they emit gets bigger. Indeed, scientists have managed to hear some sounds from the original Big Bang explosion by 'listening' to these waves.