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Mycology is the study of Fungi. Mycoprotein is protein from fungi.

There is growing interest in products from microorganisms like fingi and bacteria because:

  • Bacteria and Fungi grow very quickly- so produce what we want quickly
  • Can be genetically engineered by introducing selected genes into them so they produce our own specification products.

Mycoprotein is useful because:

  • Animal protein is very expensive
  • It can substitute animal protein for vegeterians
  • Quick and easy to produce
  • Can be designed or flavoured to taste as we want it to.

How is Mycoprotein produced?

Selected species of fungi are grown under controlled conditions. The conditions are designed so as to allow maximum respiration and growth so they are supplied with:

  • An optimum temperature
  • Glucose/sugar
  • Oxygen
  • The mixture is stirred continuosly to ensure reactants and enzymes have maximum chances of combining.