The Science Rifi



Welcome to the Key Stage 3 Revision Area

This section aims to help you understand the core values of Science. These are central themes that all science is based on. We will call these 'Big Ideas'. They are useful in making us make sense and see the reason why we are studying a particular science topic. the big ideas are general topics or concepts. If you grasp them, you can almost explain everything else that is covered in science.

Below are some of these Big Ideas that hold science together:

  • All Living things are all made up of cells. These are then arranged into more complex combinations.
  • Living things depend on each other for energy (food) and other materials.
  • Life originated as small simple life forms. These have since evolved into more complex life forms, some of which are now extinct.
  • Living things pass charateristics from parent to offspring. These are carried in a chemical called DNA, found in the Nucleus.
  • Particles- all matter is made up of tiny particles. These can combine to make new substances.
  • Objects can affect each other at a distance.
  • Energy- In order for things to happen, energy is needed.
  • Where we live- The Earth is a tiny part of our galaxy, which is one of millions of other galaxies.

So when we are learning Science or make an observation, we have to try and figure out which big idea we are trying to understand.



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